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Creative Inspo, Pt. 23

The two recent posts of Travel Journals, this post, I know it's been awhile. I was on a road trip for like a month and then came home for a week, then went to Bellingham, Washington, for another week vacation. Then I come home and everyone is getting married now and it's super busy at work, at the invitation place I work at. So much to print. So much.

This is what I've been consuming as of late - the music on repeat, art - fall is when I feel the most creative, and articles, which I read articles every day.


Strange Behavior - Bleachers

Mood Ring - Lorde

Bad Dream Baby - Hippo Campus

The three albums that I have on repeat are Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night by Bleachers, Solar Power by Lorde, and Good Dog, Bad Dream by Hippo Campus.


I have to admit, I love Halloween, and so does the artist behind Cat Sneeze, as you can see.

Sofie is a printmaker from the Netherlands.

Caroline Clark is a graphic designer based in New Mexico.


Many Lost, Few Found by Meg Conley

"It’s just not as fun to do the real work that protects women. It requires the slow and steady work of racial justice, economic justice and community outreach. Maybe if girls weren't raised in a culture that accepts violence against the vulnerable, fewer women would think they had to accept violence from their partners. A community member tried to help Gabby and called the police. But the police were not equipped to help her. We need to interrogate the systems that leave people in harm's way. None of this is rewarded with clicks or follows. It doesn't require national treasure hunt maps with x marks the murder spot graphics. Almost all the work must be local because women are killed by the people they know. They need the other people they know to protect them. We need to look up from our screens and across the street."

"In virtually every way that can be measured, owning a firearm makes the owner, the owner’s family, and the people around them less safe... The weapons Americans buy to protect their loved ones are the weapons that end up being accidentally discharged into a loved one’s leg or chest or head. The weapons Americans buy to protect their young children are years later used for self-harm by their troubled teenagers. Or they are stolen from their car by criminals and used in robberies and murders. Or they are grabbed in rage and pointed at an ex-partner."


A recent photo of mine:



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