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Creative Inspo, No. 2

Every now and then, I scour the interwebs for visual inspiration - whether that be design, photography, illustrations, or video.

Here is what I found this week:

I Saw My City Die is a report released by the ICRC estimating that fifty million people currently bear the brunt of war in cities around the world (taken between 2010 and 2015).

The Loneliness Project takes personal, deep stories and allows the reader to connect with people around the world when we feel alone. It's the "first chapter of An Imperfect Archive of Us, a digital space to cultivate compassion—for others, but especially for ourselves."

Beautiful shots and nature... Filmed by Kristin Gerhart & Raphael Rogers (She shot on the Canon 1dx mark ii, he used a GH5), Hoh Rainforest.

Beeple is an artist/graphic designer who makes short films, visual journalism clips, and everyday's. He makes what he likes to call "art crap." He has released a picture every day for the last 10+ years.

That's all for now, folks!



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