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Creative Inspo, No. 4

I started this "weekly" (let's be real, it has NOT been weekly) inspiration thing based on visuals that inspire me. However, visuals aren't the only thing that inspire me, ya know, visually. Emotions, honesty, books, writing, humanity, really anything can inspire me. And to me, to truly share what is inspiring me each week, I have to include things that aren't just videos or a photo series.

I need to include things that share a rawness in me and in other people (and no, I'm not talking about RAW photos, you photography nerds).

INSTAGRAM: @braybraywoowoo

A bit of a fun name - isn't it? I mean, who doesn't love a travel landscape photography account? I know I'm obsessed. These photos are breathtaking and inspire me to go travel. And not just around the states... in other countries too.

COMPANY: Prickly Pear Paper

Unfortunately, I haven't yet been to this shop! However, my cousin, Janelle, introduced me to this company. It's a letterpress stationery and custom invitation shop in Gilbert, Arizona. I've always loved the ~aesthetic~ of stationery shops and I am in awe over so many of this paper company's products. Janelle gifted to me a happy birthday card of their's and a sticker and to say "I'm in love" is quite an understatement!

ARTICLE: Remembering Harry Uzoka

The death of Harry Uzoka is not an inspiration, but his life is. Everything he accomplished and the light he emanated is... well, inspiring. Read the article, look up his photos. Don't as much read about his horrible death, but read and see his work and love that he spread into this world. Take a little of his kindness with you.

MAGAZINE: The Magnolia Journal

In all honesty, going to Waco to see Magnolia and the shops and the cafe kind of ruined the magic of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna to me. It was like going to Disneyland. I mean, except I still love Disneyland, but everyone there was so obsessed with this couple and their show that it felt like the Gaines' were just capitalizing on their success. And honestly, who wouldn't do that? But alas, the magic was ruined and I haven't loved them since. However, I do love the Magnolia Journal. It's a beautifully designed magazine and it takes a look at the simplicity of life. That's what I love about it - it talks about gratitude and curiosity. It's raw. It makes you take a deep breath and live for the day and all that bullsh**. But, it's bullsh** that I love.

MOVIE: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

It's on Netflix, y'all. Go watch it! It's kind of cheesy but it's a story that shares passion, kindness, tragedy, family, and love. It's based on a book and it has the gorgeous, Lily James, in it. What more could you want?

QUOTE: "I sat behind the wheel of the van this morning and just stared blankly ahead for what must have been a full 10 minutes before a deep breath of air jolted me back. I just don’t feel

But I decided I’m going to try something new.I’m going to simply allow myself to feel like this.

I’m not going to rush through the discomfort or fight the feeling of exhaustion or try to shout louder than the silence in my head. I’m just going to be whatever it is I am right now. Because, in the words of the wise 'ol Grateful Dead, 'One way or another, this darkness has got to give...'" - Brianna Madia

I too have felt weird and unlike me (a few days ago). But the human reaction is to rush through that feeling to go back to "normal." But what if we felt unlike ourselves and uncomfortable for just a moment? What if we felt through what we were feeling? What more would we learn about ourselves?



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