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Creative Inspo, No. 6

I am an artist. I am a photographer, graphic designer, painter, embroidery(er?), crafter. This month, that's primarily where I drew my inspiration from and tried to create as much as I could on the weekends.

Locally, I visited a Fine Art and Wine Festival. Lots of wine was consumed, and while we drank our wine, we looked at art. Acrylic paintings are usually the art that draws me in as my favorite to create with is acrylic. I love looking at their techniques and keeping it in mind to try. Acrylic, and bright works draw me in. Michael McKee's work is not paint, it's soft pastels. But he uses bright colors with many desert landscapes (and other landscapes too). I was so in awe of his work I had to tell him. It is jaw dropping and I've thought about his work a lot since seeing it in January.


Americana, folk, bluegrass, harmonies, banjo, mandolin - music that I'm all about. Music that speaks to my soul and makes me feel at home.


I swear Lennon Stella's voice... and that fact that her music is the epitome of pop. Love. It.

I saw Hippo Campus last month and they are so incredibly talented. I love every single one of their songs. This one was a def a February favorite (I'm curious myself how many times I actually listened to it).

INSTAGRAM: @noelledowning

She is so body positive. I do love my body, but I'm human. I'm human and I live in a society that tells you you need a flat stomach or you aren't worth it. I love my body, but sometimes I need a reminder from a fashionable, beautiful boss lady named Noelle.


"The moon is a nighttime reminder that it’s possible for us to shine in times of darkness but every once in a while we have to allow ourselves to be consumed by it." - Juansen Dizon

“The steam rising from a cup of tea, the rosy light of sunrise when I wake before my alarm. I sleep on the Universe’s tongue. I hear the way she breathes through us. She tells me, one day, this all will leave me and this body will go cold. So I’m trying to worry less about my jean size or whether or not my teeth will ever be straight. There is so much more to look at. There are so many opportunities to love– to leave something that will last way longer than me.” - Schuyler Peck, To Sit With Death




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