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Christmas Cookies

The best Christmas cookie, in my opinion, hands down, is the molasses cookie.

The perfect cookie is chewy, not hard, unless you are making a shortbread that is perfect to dip into tea. Molasses cookies are chewy and when you first make them, right when they come out of the oven, they are hard. But after a day or two, that perfect chewiness sets in.

As the years have gone on, my family and I have made less Christmas cookies. I just don't want to eat a ton of sugary foods anymore. We used to have cookie baking days either with just my mom, sister and I or with other aunts and cousins. This year, we made three cookies (and some chocolate walnut fudge not pictured here) - white chocolate chip snickerdoodles, my great grandmother's Icebox cookies, and molasses cookies.

I have always loved the days of baking cookies, though. Listening to Christmas music or watching Hallmark movies while baking cookies, and then later, decorating the Christmas tree.

This little act of baking Christmas cookies this year helped me feel grateful for all that I have in a time of such uncertainty. Cheers.



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