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Creative Inspo, No. 13

Currently, I've been freelancing and designing invitations, reading four different books, reading articles every morning, got back into painting, started the X-Files, and continuously looking at art on Instagram.


I haven't really been listening to new music as of late. However, a couple of weeks ago I discovered a local photographer/videographer that specializes in capturing storms. I've always kind of been obsessed with thunderstorms - I love the monsoon season (hopefully it starts up soon!) - and tornadoes have always fascinated me. Mike Olbinski's Instagram is beautiful and I recommend you check it out.

Mike Olbinski's YouTube account has beautiful time lapse storms. I've watched a couple of his videos before bed and honestly it was the perfect imagery to lull me to sleep (it's beautiful and interesting but the music and beauty is perfect for a storm-lover like me).


I've probably said this before but I'm going to say it again - I love textured paintings. I just love them. She paints art that looks like waves and if you just reach out and touch it... you might fall into the ocean.

KulorBandit, aka Jerome Fleming, is a Phoenix-based artist. In his words, from his interview with VoyagePhoenix, "I work with just about anything from your average, everyday ballpoint pen or acrylic paints, to creating intricate illustrations digitally with an iPad." The faces he portrays through whatever material he decides to use are geometric and offer an electrifying and captivating look.

I just... wow. I first found Marco Paolo's work from one not shown above. It was a rainy window - but different from the one in the right bottom corner. I recommend scrolling through his feed. I am captivated by the realism and colors and just plain beauty in his works. I have always been a realism painter and so when I look at other artist's work, I tend to be drawn to that same idea (even though I've been opening up to others lately). I want to get me one of those rain drops one or honestly, that plane view! I'm in love.

Oh how her photos give me wanderlust... ya know, for the country I was going to be living in for 7-8 months. Her aerial photos and videos will be making you write down all the places to go!


I majored in journalism, visual journalism, to be more precise. Writing has never really been my thing - visuals usually help me express myself. However, I find reading articles to be so important. It's part of my daily routine. I read to help myself understand what I could never understand as a white person, to discover animals and cultures and jobs and people, and to better understand myself.

What I Saw When I Came Eye to Eye with a Whale by Rowen Jacobsen by Outside Magazine

"Does she know that we are the ones that put the plastic in the oceans? That drive the boats that ran her kind down? That we’re the descendants of the creatures that turned her ancestors into candles and engine grease?"

"Whether negotiating for a car or for venture capital, providing honest feedback to a romantic partner or a business partner, I knew that a stronger stomach for uncomfortable conversations would be necessary to get the things I wanted out of life."


Photos I've taken as of late:



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