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Creative Inspo, No. 17

It's October. That means watching family-friendly, non-horror movies (I hate horror, sorry...) and baking treats and morning walks. It also means drawing and painting and making crafts.


Violence - Red Hearse

Lightenup - Parcels

Move - Saint Motel


I love food photography. In college, I interned at Bellingham Alive Magazine and I was able to take food photography at a new restaurant and cocktail photos (that I could then taste!) and I loved every part of it. I recently found Maneet Sikka's work and it is so beautiful.

I don't embroider very often but I love it. I love when people find creative ways to use it - either making it look real or adding a 3D effect to it. I especially love these with the textured paper and earthy tones.

These paintings are so bold and honestly, just beautiful. I don't really have anything more to say than that.


I Miss Having Ideas by Katie Heaney by The Cut

"“Being bored doesn’t feel good,” she says. “But it’s important that you allow your brain to go where it wants to go.” I see what she means, and as a person who’s logging unconscionable records of phone use seemingly every day, I can’t argue that a break would do me good. I have to assume, though, that it matters what you’re looking at: What if you’re texting with a friend who routinely inspires your work, or reading a teacher’s forum for remote learning ideas? I think these things can work in tandem: Allow yourself access to the outer world through your phone, and then maybe go for a phoneless walk— sorry, shower, or coloring/knitting session, dance break, whatever, to ruminate on what you’ve absorbed."


Photos of our front yard tree for the month of October:



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