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Creative Inspo, No. 21

What I've been up to lately - reading a lot (you should check out the mystery series of Kate Burkholder by Linda Castillo!), painting either on a canvas or on a food/product photography backdrop, and cooking (but this time I'm enjoying it!) and baking spring recipes.


As said on her website: "Hebe Studio is run by Rhi James, a UK designer currently living and working from Perth Australia. Rhi created Hebe Studio in quarantine after a trip of a lifetime traveling around India for a couple of months. On her return, she spent her two weeks in self isolation painting, creating and coming up with a business plan. Hebe studio was created from Rhi's love of travel and her ability to find beauty and inspiration from all corners of the world."

Jaclyn Miller creates contemporary stain glass works. I have to say I'm obsessed with the manatee holding the pineapple and the "oh no!"

Her paintings are so... elegant. I feel like they would be perfect hanging in a castle... or I'll just settle for my home.


The Art of Noticing

Rob Walker is an author of the book, The Art of Noticing: 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday. While I do not currently own that book, nor have I read it, I do subscribe to his newsletter titled The Art of Noticing. Every week or so, he sends out a newsletter that just includes some different perspectives, things to notice, and icebreaker questions that makes life more interesting. This link, The Art of Noticing No. 67, is an example of his newsletters. In it, he recommends revisiting something you own, something you've hidden away in a drawer, and noticing something that cannot be captured because it happens in an instant, but it's still something that you can't look away from. I just find that this newsletter helps fuel my creativity. When I'm not as motivated, noticing different things that I wouldn't usually notice helps to fuel my art and photography and baking. It just makes me feel motivated and see more beauty in this world.


Work the Middle by Crunk Feminist Collective (on Substack)

"The problem with the middle is that it’s easy to lose perspective, easy to think it’s all messiness on the one hand, all softness and luxury on the other. Easy to think “we get to live here forever.” Scary to think, “this will never end.” In the middle of the ocean, you can’t see the shoreline. You ventured out for the serenity; the disorientation of your feet not touching the ground, the endless treading of water on your way to wherever, is not something you had counted on."

An Artist Sketches the Giant Gender Gap on the Moon by Katherine Kornei by The New York Times

"Ms. Forget pored over records of the International Astronomical Union, the organization charged with awarding official names to moon craters and other features on worlds around the solar system. She started underlining craters named for women... Of the 1,578 moon craters that had been named at that time, only 32 honored women (a 33rd was named in February)... In 2016, Ms. Forget embarked on a project called “Women With Impact,” drawing each crater named for a woman."


Recent photos I've taken:



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