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Creative Inspo, No. 9

Another creative inspo post, another week of the pandemic.

To distract myself from this pandemic and my state's governor stupidity of opening the state too soon, here I am gathering creative inspiration to fuel my motivation.


Talk - Khalid

Real Estate - Adam Melchor

Fruitflies - Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Don't Throw It Away - Jonas Brothers


I LOVE the look of paintings with texture, and Dusti Joyner adds a LOT of texture to her paintings. I'm currently trying to practice getting good at this kind of texture on my own art.

I have been thinking about getting into watercolor. My painting of choice is always acrylic. I love how soft and delicate watercolor looks and what better time than now?

I'm always looking for new techniques in painting and this woman has different techniques, texture, and bright colors. I'm absolutely captivated by her work.


And as always, here are some recent photos from my social distancing life:



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