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Songs That Got Me Through 2020

Wow. 2020 you've been quite a year. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Because I wasn't commuting, I didn't listen to music as much as in previous years. However, I still have some songs that fueled me. Here they are:

Don't Throw It Away - Jonas Brothers

On my Spotify Wrapped, this song was #2. The only reason it wasn't number one is because my number one was the first song on a playlist I played frequently. I just love this song so much. It gives me a lot of feels. I do have a memory associated with the first listen. I was in the airport waiting at a gate when I first stumbled on this song. I was listening to the album it's on. I then continuously listened to this song for the entire trip and for many months and basically just the whole year after. This trip was in February; I was flying to Massachusetts for my grandmother's funeral. This song means a lot to me not just because of how great the song is but because of the feelings of that weekend in Massachusetts. I am so grateful that I was able to be with family in a time of grief and love before COVID hit.

folklore and most recently, evermore

Of course I had to include Taylor Swift's new albums. I even listened to Lover a bit earlier this year too. I think these last two albums are some of Taylor's best works. I honestly love all the songs, but in particular, right now, I connect to seven, august, cardigan and my tears ricochet. For evermore, my current favorites are willow, ivy, evermore (feat. bon iver) and 'tis the damn season.

Lightenup - Parcels

I really love indie/alternative music - I'm not exactly sure what the genre is. I just found this song recently via Spotify of songs I might like - based off of artists like half alive, Red Hearse, Bleachers, Saint Motel and Hippo Campus.

Red Hearse, and always and forever, Bleachers

Speaking of Red Hearse... I love Jack Antonoff. He is a music genius. He also helped write some songs of Taylor Swift's (and he was in the special on Disney+, long pond sessions). He is the artist behind Bleachers and helped with the songs of Red Hearse. For Red Hearse, my favorites include Red Hearse, Violence, Honey, and Everybody Wants You. In terms of Bleachers, forever my favorites are Don't Take The Money, Hate That You Know Me, and Everybody Lost Somebody.

Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Whenever I played this song off one of my playlists, my parents would recount when they heard this song in their college days. I think I really started to get into this song when I heard it in a movie. On my Spotify Wrapped, my most played decade was 2000s but it was quite weird because the song most played from that decade, Spotify said, was Come on Eileen which is from the 80s...

Magic (Piano Version) - Gabrielle Aplin

In the beginning of this year, I obsessively listened to the non-piano studio version of this song. About halfway through the year, I discovered the piano version of this song and was even more obsessed. I love Gabrielle Aplin's voice - it is so angelic.

Love You For A Long Time - Maggie Rogers

I mean, who didn't fall in love with Maggie Rogers this year? I'm guessing most people if they hadn't heard of her before, heard of her either after her performance at the DNC or her cover of Iris with Phoebe Bridgers. Maggie also has such an angelic voice and such groovy tunes.



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