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Today, I was supposed to be on a flight to Australia. I was planning to be in Australia for 7-8 months. And, as you can guess, that didn't go exactly to plan.

The biggest thing I thought that was going to get in my way or just be a challenge with Australia this year was the wildfires. Boy, was I wrong.

When COVID-19 started proving to be a challenge that was getting in the way of my trips, I was grieving. I felt guilty because of the lives lost. I saw, though, that a lot of people were grieving their trips. Before Australia, I was supposed to go to California with my parents, sister and her fiancé, David. We were going to go to Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and visit my aunt and uncle. We were going to come back to Arizona and tour venues for their wedding. I was going to take a trip up north in Arizona with my parents a couple of weeks before leaving for Australia.

I was supposed to be going to Australia.

I won't lie and say I wasn't a little depressed and would get so upset having to explain to each person that I wasn't going. Another friend of mine was in the same boat as she was going to New Zealand and then Australia (where we would've met up and maybe done another road trip together!). It was nice having another friend that understood.

But over the weeks, I've had to accept it. There's nothing else to do, unless I wanted to stay depressed for this whole social distancing time.

I haven't been "productive" this whole time. For a lot of days, I've just sat and watched Superstore. I'm now getting into painting again which is making me happy. Not every day will be productive, but every day I'm alive and living, is enough for me.

Here are some pictures I've been taking in my backyard:



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