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Travel Journal: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

What I love about Canada: hockey, moose, polite strangers (you know, all the stereotypical Canadian things). What I dislike about Canada: the intersections, expensive parking lots that only let you pay with a credit card, and no phone service. Usually, I am someone who can live without my phone for a day. However, when you are in a different country or city and don’t know the places to see or how far those places are, it’s quite a hassle to have no phone service. Megha, one of my best friends from high school (whom I mentioned in my last travel journal), and I drove up to Vancouver, B.C., as it is only 30 minutes to an hour away from my college town. With the lack of that phone service, we frequented Starbucks in downtown to figure out where we wanted to go in walking distance (as we already paid a lot for parking).

I’m making out this trip to Vancouver to seem like it was torturous. It wasn’t, however, Megha and I both agreed that we probably should’ve researched more before going across borders.

We ended up taking quite awhile to figure out where we wanted to eat (as we had no idea where to go that wasn’t a bar/pub). We ended up at this cute little Italian place, where we had drinks and received a free dessert. After that, we just went to a harbor and walked to a beloved store of ours that is not in the U.S. (I think it’s just in New York, but that’s a little far) – Topshop.

It was quite an adventure, indeed.



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