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Travel Journal: Summer Road Trip, Pt. 5

On our sixteenth day, we headed to Springfield, Ohio. Again, we were struck with some heavy storms, and had to stop and wait them out. Instead of eating at a brewery, like we'd been doing almost every night, we walked across the street to a co-op of shops and eateries. We ate tacos from the taco place outside, and ordered some beer from the bar. So, I guess, we did get some beer, just not directly from a brewery.

For breakfast the next morning, we stopped at Un Mundo Cafe, where I got a hot chai, my mother got an iced chai, and my father got a frozen chai... On the road to Paducah, Kentucky, we again ran into some storms and had to stop. We stopped at a park to eat lunch and we viewed a couple of turtles just chilling, but we didn't stay long as we were dripping with sweat from the humidity. In Paducah, we were going to stay at an Airbnb, but because of record heat, the house was experiencing A/C issues and we knew that in order to get a good night's sleep, we needed A/C. So, we opted for a hotel instead. When we arrived in Paducah, we ate at Paducah Beer Werks, where the food was delicious but the beer wasn't our favorite. The brewery is in an old Greyhound Bus Terminal - neat! We walked along the mural wall by the river, and headed back to our hotel for some cool temps.

Guess what? This day, on our drive we hit... a lot of rain. And it was really, really intense storms. It was Oklahoma. We actually experienced lightning hitting right by us, my dad guessed within 100 feet, and the light didn't dissipate when we heard the crack of thunder. It was honestly, pretty scary. We stopped about 4-5 times and it was on a very small stretch of the highway. As someone who watches a lot of tornado videos, I was watching the clouds for funnels. Thankfully, no tornadoes. We got to Oklahoma City pretty late and so we ate at a brewery, and then fell fast asleep.

(Side Note: Burger King has a really good Impossible Burger option - yay for fast food on the road!)

For our nineteenth day, we spent our day in Oklahoma City. My cousin, Janelle, and her boyfriend, Parker, just recently moved to OKC, because of Janelle getting into grad school (I'm so so proud). We spent the day walking along the Bricktown Canal, eating lunch at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, spending a few hours in Oklahoma City Bombing Museum, drinking a lot of cider at OK Cider, and eating at Bourbon Street Cafe for dinner. We had a lovely time with Janelle and Parker. I will and do miss them loads, already.

On the twentieth day, we drove to Albuquerque. Thankfully, we had clouds, but no big storms. No stopping needed. In Albuquerque, staying at the same hotel but on the side farthest away from the highway, we walked to Bow and Arrow Brewery. This became a favorite of ours. They had a yummy sour, but my favorite was the seltzer-like drink (but it's made differently than seltzer, so they don't call it that - they just compare it to it), Desert Water. We bought some cans for home. Outside they had a food truck which was called Tantrum BBQ. They didn't have any vegetarian options, but my mother and I stuck to the Green Chile Mac and Cheese which is the best mac and cheese I've ever had. My mother liked it too, and she doesn't usually like mac and cheese.

On the last day, we drove home. The entire ride I was reading the last book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I finished the book with 30 minutes remaining to home. It was a good trip. I saw family and my heart felt really full.



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