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Travel Journal: Cannon Beach, OR

Last weekend, I went on a little spontaneous getaway with my best friend, Susan. We drove about 7 hours to Cannon Beach/Seaside, Oregon. Before I graduated, we wanted to take a trip down to Cannon Beach to see those pretty giant rocks that are quite famous.

We drove down on Friday, Jan. 6, taking turns driving, trying to learn the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's new singles, belting One Direction songs, and eating Pirate Booty. We arrived in Cannon Beach in time to see a little sun and a beautiful sunset. It was quite cold, however, the views were to die over - definitely worth the long drive. When walking back to the car, all we wanted was a good and warm cup of hot cocoa. We found a cute French cafe that had one of the best hot chocolates that I have ever had in my entire life.

After delighting ourselves with gorgeous views and delicious hot drinks, we drove to Seaside and to our Airbnb for the night. It was condo/hotel mix and was a quaint little studio style room. All in one area, we had the bed, a closet with games, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

In order to keep the costs low of this short trip, we decided to make ourselves dinner. When preparing the Brussels Sprouts Pasta dish, we realized that we forgot garlic - and we only needed one clove. We quickly went to the grocery store to get that one clove of garlic that we so brilliantly forgot... oh geez.

Once returning back, we finished up dinner and drank wine. Following dinner, we drank more wine and played the games that they provided from the closet.

We played Fact or Crap, where basically you guess if a statement is fact or crap. Fairly simple. Did you know that the European Green Woodpecker eats about 2,000 ants a day? Also, did you know that the Cadillac car company used to be the Henry Ford car company? You are welcome for that knowledge.

We watched television after and watched said television right up until our eyes could no longer stay open.

The next morning we drove home. The ride home was even more gorgeous than the ride to Cannon Beach as we had many coastal views.



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