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Travel Journal: Seattle - Fremont and Ballard

Last Saturday, I traveled down to Seattle to explore around Ballard and Fremont with three good buds.

We ate at sooooo many places - a spicy sandwich shop, Paseos (like we're talking real spicy, like prawns cooked in habanero oil spicy), Molly Moon's ice cream shop (ya know, an Insta-worthy shop), Red Mill Burgers (yay for garden burgers), Hood Famous Bakeshop (a fab Filipino place with a great coconut Pandan cheesecake - highly recommend it), and Hot Cakes (didn't really get anything but it looked good! Ha!).

We wandered around Ballard - took a few pics for the internship and enjoyed the hipster shops!

My friends were sweet and took me to the Fremont Troll - as I've really wanted to go since it was in 10 Things I Hate About You. If you don't know, I'm obsessed with that movie. We also wandered around Fremont as well.

My Brit soccer-obsessed friend had four tickets to the Sounders game. Unfortunately, a new rule at the arena is to have no purses so we had to pay money to have our purses stashed in plastic bags outside of the arena! However, it was fun since I've never been to a soccer game, unless you count my little cousin's game that I paid no attention to. I've always given soccer a hard time as I find it less exciting than hockey, and I still think hockey is the best sport, but I did enjoy the game - even if the Sounders didn't score until the 83rd minute and then the game was tied at the 87th minute.

Starting at the game - we had beers. And, from there, we went to Ballard for a night out - where I drank even more beer. Let's just say that's the most beer I've ever had in one night.

Once out in Ballard, we stopped for a time at Sexton - I fell in love with this bar, even though it was a little expensive and my friend got a shot and a beer (lol). I would go there always if I had money and lived in that area.

We stopped in Bastille, another fancy place (with the coolest back bar area!), and then to King's - an apparently really busy place.

It was just a day of exploring, soccer, beer, Heads Up!, and friends.

Also - shout out to Gerson's mom (one of the buds) for the amazing crepes the morning after!

One Seattle day trip down (and hopefully more to go - as that's what we're planning!)!



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