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Travel Journal: From Waco to Las Cruces

The trip back to home went a lot faster than the trip out. However, we did spend a couple of days in Waco, TX.

You all know Waco, TX, if you watch HGTV, specifically Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines, the hosts of Fixer Upper, are located in Waco and have brought tourism to the area in recent years. Downtown Waco is currently being revitalized and in a few years, will probably be a lot more hoppin' that it is now.

Really, the only thing that is hoppin' in Waco, is the Magnolia Market. My mother and I visited Magnolia and wow, was it like Disneyland... Inside the shop, it was packed with people. They had beautiful items in there - although one complaint I have is that only a few of the ceramics were not made in China. My mother and I bought lip balm, a bar of soap, a reusable bag, metal cutout of words ("family" and "home"), and a mug (that was made in Waco!). We ventured in the long line to the bakery and bought almond puffs for breakfast for the car ride the next day.

Outside was a grass area, tables, and pop-up food trucks - which we bought green smoothies from Luna Juice Bar.

If you want to do more on your trip to Waco than just Magnolia, check out Spice Village (a shop with various bits and bobs from many vendors - I bought a metal rib of a pumpkin with a wreath to go inside for Halloween for only $11!; we might've spent almost an hour in there), Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits (where we got tea for our drive to New Mexico and seems like a chill bar/coffee shop), Brazos River and the Waco Suspension Bridge (it was quite a beautiful site and made me test my fear of heights!), and Lake Waco (which we didn't visit, but seems very beautiful as we drove over it when leaving Waco).

Our last stop before home was Las Cruces, where we attended our last winery (for dinner). Check out Luna Rossa Winery and Restaurant - we ate caprese, a house salad, gelato, and some yummy wine (and bought two bottles of their Primo Dulce wine!).

It was the perfect mother/daughter road trip. Beautiful sights, tasty wine, family fun, bonding time, and jamming to ridiculous songs. Perfect.



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