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Travel Journal: New Zealand, Part 1

In June, I visited the country that was number one on my to-travel-to. I'm really proud of myself. I quit my job, I vowed to work on my photography and travel more, I did something I wasn't sure of doing, and I did it.

It might not seem like something big for other people. But moving out of my comfort zone to travel in a country I thought would take years for me to get to... I'm proud of myself.

I fell in love with New Zealand. Thank you to Claire, my travel buddy and the bada$$ who was living there for almost a year who inspired me to leave my job and travel - we had a great time and I'll never forget all the songs we listened to repeatedly, the cold we endured, and all the sights we saw together.

Part One: West Coast of New Zealand

As I like to say as someone from the west coast of the states, the west coast is the best coast. Well, Claire and I found out that the west coast of New Zealand is, truly, the best coast. I'm talking from Nelson to Queenstown (yes I know Queenstown is inland, but sue me). We loved all of New Zealand, but this part, at least for me, holds such a special place in my heart. Every day, every road we traveled, was stunning.

I'll let you see for yourself.

And look at how happy this girl is... later she'd shed some tears from the beauty of Milford Sound. Little did she know...

More from me soon.

(Head to my Society6 for some prints from New Zealand!)



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